DreamLoft is a restaurant and bar that serves exquisite food and beverages in a unique atmosphere. We offer a variety of menu selections that are broadly influenced by European and traditional Thai cuisines, in addition to our own fusion creations. Located on the 3rd Floor of The Strand Thonglor, DreamLoft is meticulously designed to be an artsy, rustic hideaway. Our aim is to provide a memorable dining experience by welcoming everyone to enjoy some of the best food, services, and surroundings Bangkok has to offer.


DreamLoft first opened in 2016 as an eatery that served all-day menus in an incredibly relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Hidden in plain sight on the third floor of The Taste Thonglor, the original DreamLoft was designed to resemble a loft apartment that was filled with vintage objects and collectibles that evoked feelings of nostalgia; it was like visiting the home of a childhood friend that you hadn’t seen in a long time. Since the start of 2022, DreamLoft has relocated to the Strand Thonglor, and while keeping the essence of what made the original restaurant so unique and charming, DreamLoft at The Strand has transformed into an artsy and stylish hideaway that still makes it the perfect place for any occasion, whether it’s a homey family lunch, a friends get-together, or an intimate date night.

Concept and Design

In 2016, the first year of opening, DreamLoft at The Taste Thonglor received an Honorable Mention in Interior Design from The Architecture MasterPrize. Despite featuring vintage items and collectibles, the interior of the original location could be described as contemporary. Designed to resemble a loft, it featured a private dining room on the mezzanine floor that was made mostly out of glass, including the floor.

DreamLoft at The Strand Thonglor features a sleek interior that combines a blend of texture and materials to achieve a juxtaposition of industrial and natural elements, with the goal of creating a space that feels modern and artsy, yet warm and cozy.


The team at DreamLoft is committed to creating a memorable experience through exquisite food, creative cocktails, and excellent customer service.